Seasons Of Love

This video was made for all those that we are leaving behind when we move tomorrow.  You’ve been a part of my life in one way or another, for a long time or a short time, but it doesn’t matter for how long, you’ve touch my heart, and I love you.  Regardless of any situation or drama that has taken place, circumstances are temporary, love is permanent.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  It wasn’t easy to use this song for this picture collection, as this song is very special to me and my best friend, who is now smiling down from Heaven, so to extend this song in this way to you all is a great achievement, not just to you, but also, for me, a realization to me that I love you enough to do this.  If you didn’t make it into the video but know you belong there, it’s because I didn’t have a picture, like my brothers or other nieces and nephews, a couple other friends.  Don’t worry, if I love you, you already know it.  Good luck with your lives, and God bless.


It’s almost six o’clock on Thursday evening, and I’m laying in bed, having not accomplished much today other than going along for a ride to the doctor’s office with my wife and daughter…unscheduled appointment.  I think the stress of the move, that none of us may really realize we have, is starting to get to us all.  My wife is having more problems with her medical condition because of having to keep track of appointments and be the main “hub” of information.  If it has anything to do with appointments, contacts, travel information, shutting off/turning on in this state and in that state, etc…she’s handling it.  She’s the brains of the operation, other than for the fact that I’m really the only one that knows anything about the moving company information.  I’m on that one! It’s fair, considering I’m the brawn of the operation.  I’m the one that takes it all out, packs up what I know is definitely going, what I definitely want of mine, leave the rest in a pile for her to tell me what to pack up later.  It’s a good system, albeit exhausting.  I’m still trying to figure out why I should carry the boxes up from the basement and down from the bedrooms to the main level to make it easier for the movers.  Hmm…It’s not so much easier for the movers, but for me, to stay organized, since we have to take certain boxes in our trucks with us and, well, let’s face it, bedrooms weren’t designed to have boxes of things lined against the walls around your beds…getting too crowded.  (Now the living room is crowded but there’s a method to my madness here)

Alas, all the packing and moving of boxes I have been doing, not including yesterday which was extra work, has started to wear me down.  I’m tired but can’t sleep, or maybe just won’t sleep.  It’s not like I tried very hard to take a nap today when I could have been taking one all day.  Instead, I worked on this video because it was important to me and time doesn’t stand still.  And I could have slept in but I decided to get up and go along to the doctors because…well, I don’t know why, exactly.  Our daughter had a horrible headache last night, her neck was super tense as well, seemed swollen even.  This morning she was the same way and we had to keep her home from summer school, ugh, with only three days left!  But anyway, we went…we don’t know, but it’s being treated and we have to keep our eye out for specific symptoms.  She’s stressed too though, she packed up the last of her room yesterday, thankfully.  I didn’t think it would ever get done and I didn’t want it to become a fight when it came down to the last minute.  But like I said, it’s stressful for her, another move, another new school, new friends…heck, she hasn’t even seen the place yet or been to the state.  It’s a total leap of faith for her and she’s still working on her faith, so she’s mostly trusting just us.  I don’t believe she’ll think we let her down, at least I hope she doesn’t think that.  Our choice was mostly with her in mind, again, even though when we set out to make our move, we had solitude in mind, and making a decision just because we wanted what we finally wanted, dammit, and it didn’t matter what she thought…mhm, I’m a sucker for that little girl when it comes to her happiness and well-being.  Now make it something petty and we’ll bicker…

But I’m tired…And while we’ve accomplished so much, for some reason, it still feels like there’s still so much more to be done. 

Thank you, God for making it possible for us to have gotten so much done so far and for making it possible to get it all done in time.

This week has been full of thankful moments and, of course, snafus.  We’ve continued to make last minute sales on items from our house that we’ve chosen to not take with us in which the money has been helpful, prayers and patience paid off again and my car is back from the shop, while the rattle in the engine remains a mystery because I don’t have the time and money to allow them to take it apart (So I’ve put that one in God’s hands), the brakes are fine, so I don’t have to spend any money there.  I called the cable company and spoke to a lady who told me that she, too, believes God wants me in Arizona!  I danced with my best friend yesterday in the middle of the cemetery he is buried in to the song “It’s raining men,” with the radio blaring, and smoking a cigarette!  Our new check cards didn’t arrive so we had a rush put on them at the branch, now only one has shown up…grrr.  My disability case was closed because they didn’t receive my packet, and I know for a fact that I mailed it in…double grrrr, although my wife says this isn’t a “grrr” at all and she will help me again.  I still say grrr.  And the whole country is sitting around biting their nails about this debt crisis thing because there is the little issue about getting paid, having money, and we’d like to at least make it out to Arizona before we are homeless, because I have a theory that it might be better to not have a home in the heat than in the snow.  I don’t know, and I don’t mean to joke or offend, but it’s a real possibility for anyone if they don’t figure it out and compromise soon. 

Well, there’s a snapshot into our life.  A day in a season.

Friday night.  What a busy day, yet, unproductive again.  I had an early doctor’s appointment that got bumped up from Monday…good thing, followed by another appointment this afternoon.  Finally, no more appointments.  Another good thing.  I say this because the movers called today and wanted to know if we could bump up our move to August 1st.  Deep breath, eyes go big…ummmm…..I had to think as quickly as possible, did I get everything done that I needed to get done?  Can we?  Yep!  We can!

And not much longer after I got home from the doctors, it was time for our daughter to go to her last appointment, which we had to bump up because her going away party started at the same time as her appointment…oops.  Can we fix this?  By the grace of God and a cancellation, it worked.  Plus we had to run all over town to pick up supplies, drinks, and a cake.  Did I mention someone else was throwing this party?  Oh well, we wanted it to be nice for her.  And it was…

So tomorrow is a work all day…day.  Sunday…church, then I get to see my brother before we leave, which I’m really glad for.  So hold tight for that church message, then tune in for an auto-publish blog of our road trip soundtrack!

It’s Sunday morning, a little before noon.  We didn’t make it to church this morning, we were still so tired.  Our exhaustion is really catching up to us and the extra sleep was much needed.  We did, however, watch the service on the internet. 

The service was about…Life.  Life happens.  Reverend Jim said you can try to walk around, tip-toe around the tulips, but it’s more like trying to tip-toe around thorns, it’s just not very easy.  Things are always going to happen that are always going to challenge you to challenge life, and challenge that source within you to dig deeper to evolve toward God to find the strengths and meanings behind those challenges we face, no matter how big or little they are.  It’s when we allow the circumstances around us to take hold and control our life that our journeys become difficult and blocked, but if we trust the power within us, and Trust God, from the jump, then all will be well, within the means that they are to be well.

It sort of reminds me of this silly little game that our kids play.  Randomly, out of nowhere, our kids…teenagers, would say “you lost the game.”  With confusion and a cocked brow, we’d look at them and wonder what the heck they were talking about, and even they would seem to wonder what they were talking about, because all their peers would know, was that they lost the game.  They explained it to me one day, that the second you think about the game, you lose it.  I just nodded and continued on, didn’t give it a second thought.  It’s just a game they came up with and surely, because none of these kids had no particular background of faith, it had nothing to do with faith at all.

Today, it has everything to do with faith.  When a challenge arises, and you think about it, analyze it, reanalyze it, think it to death, and not just trust it over to God, you’ve already lost the challenge that faces you.  You lost the game.  You haven’t trusted God and the power within you, your spirit, that unbreakable part of you, the strongest part of you, that you got this.  Life happens, just roll with it.  When life happens, just roll with it.  When you don’t, it’ll slip right through your fingers.  When you get up in the morning and you haven’t thanked God, or you haven’t proclaimed, “the Lord is my shepherd…,” yet, you start thinking about all that you have to do for the day and start worrying about all the problems you have to face, then your back to tip-toeing through the thorns.  You lost the game.

One morning, one of our kids made a sign and laid it right in front of one of the other kids for when he woke up that read “you lost the game.”  I just rolled my eyes.  I’ll have to remind him to keep his eyes closed for a few minutes and thank God for the day before opening them and allowing someone else to claim that he lost the game.

Don’t lose the game.  There is a power within you that is greater than the circumstances around you.  Let go and let God, and Love.

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