We Made It

So it took four days to roll into Tempe, but we’re here.  Not too many snarls along the way, a few, but not major ones, thank you, God.  The trip was a beautiful one and I will try to upload a video of pics next week after our daughter and I try to put one together.  We are at a Dunkin’ Donuts right now using the wi-fi to check all of our internet everything because we don’t have internet at our apartment yet and they don’t come until the 8th to hook it up.

Our moving truck won’t be coming until…well…yeah, we’ll see.  It’s out of our hands and in there’s, we’ve just asked for God to watch over our stuff and our drivers because we’ve been a bit bamboozled and treated unfairly.

I have to apologize for the short blog this week, but my time is limited, along with my resources, but I’ll make it up to you as soon as I can.  Just know that God has gotten us here safely, along with prayers and patience, and the AAA trip-tik.

We stayed one night with some relatives and the next day unloaded the stuff we had in our trucks into our apartment.  However, when we got to the leasing office to sign our paperwork, the song that started playing as we walked in was “Home” by Daughtry.  It made my wife and I smile and laugh, thinking, “how appropriate,” considering it’s one of our songs that we’ve had for a long time.  “Be careful what you wish for, cuz you just might get it…and then some you don’t want.”  It couldn’t be more true, however, so far, it’s alright, except for the fact that we are broke with the rest of the month to go until we get paid and still have to shop for meat.  We shopped ahead for pantry items, but we were going to get meat when we got here, but the trip cost more with gas expenses than we thought and we spent more than we intended.  We’ve prayed on it. 

We don’t have much of anything right now except each other, our animals, some of our belongings, a week’s worth of clothes, a couple bins to flip over and use as tables to eat off as we sit on the floor, some blankets and pillows to put on some little mattresses some family is lending us, a home, and the Lord as our shepherd…and that’s good enough for us!

This morning we went to our first, well, technically our second service, at our new church here in Arizona.  It was a nice service, although bittersweet.  We missed Reverend Jim, the way gives his message…the way the Gospel Truth sings…::sigh:: it’s something to get used to.  But I do love the rock sound of the band here at Central Christian.  And the message is delivered in a new unique way that allows me to not only hear a message but understand the bible a bit more I think.  I don’t know.  There are certain trade offs.  The one cool thing is that, because of the time difference, I can still see both services!

This morning’s service told of the belief in the god of Bael versus the belief in God and how Elijah fought to make everyone believe that he was right and everyone else was wrong, basically.  Yet, when he proved that Bael couldn’t deliver, Jezebel sent for his head and he got scared and ran.  His faith was shaken that God couldn’t protect him.  What?  God had done all these things for him, yet, when circumstances changed and things got really scary, he forgot that, as faithful as he was to God, God was just as faithful to him.

We all need to remember that no matter what, no matter when, God is working for us, when the going gets tough, when the water looks the deepest, when the skies look the darkest, when circumstances start looking grim and we’re facing challenges that look daunting, God is bigger than all of them, and He is there for us and He can handle it.  When we pray, He hears us, and He will provide in ways that we least expect it.

Last monday afternoon, late afternoon, about an hour late, our movers showed up to pack up our belongings onto their truck.  Once that was done, everything of ours was out of our hands and into theirs.  We took a four day journey to Arizona, that took every dime we had, along with the help of others.  Why would we spend all that money if we didn’t have any extra?  Because we feel that we should be here because we have a divine appointment to be here…although we are not yet sure for what.  We will find out. 

But so far, we have had to hit a food pantry, ask for help for more money, watch how much we’re driving because of gas, and pray as often as possible.  Are we stressed?  I don’t really think so.  A couple of nights ago, a couple family members gave us some little mattresses to sleep on, although the ones we were sleeping on were very uncomfortable for my wife and making her condition even worse.  We were praying for some kind of relief, and next thing we know, there were some men about to toss out a really nice mattress and box spring.  They helped carry it to our apartment.  It’s better than the one we have that’s still in a warehouse in Chicago.  Thank you, God.

Prayers and Patience.  Family and Friends.  Thank you, God for these things in our life, as these are the things that we need to live.  Everything else will come around in due time, and then, we will be able to do what it is that we have been put here to do.

~Lord, please put your arms around this entire family, bless us all, keep us safe from harm and health concerns.  Guide us in your path and keep us strong to continue to do all that is right in your service, Lord.  Please bless our daughter and keep her strong and confident on her first day at a new school, please help my wife recover from her pain, as this trip has been a bit much for her, please bless our family who has been much help to us through this journey and as we’ve arrived to help us settle in.  In your most holy and precious name, I pray.  Amen~

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