Sweet Truth

We’re taught, as Christians, that The Truth is The Word, is The Lord, God, the way to Heaven.  But what is it?

The Truth is that there is an absolute Divine Father who put us here and put his precious and holy son here, knowing full well that he was going to be…HAD to be hated, beaten, and crucified to die for our sins.  The Truth is that we have a purpose for Him, to serve here on earth, to learn and apply The Word so that we can spread the word in order to further populate his righteous Kingdom of Heaven…which is where we really want to go.  The Truth is that the path is already set and Our Lord has left the decisions up to us to figure out how to get there, but He’s always there for us, waiting for us to call on Him should we need a hand along the way.  The Truth is He is always there for us because He loves us and never wants any of us to get lost and has left His mission on his disciples to find those who may stumble or get misguided along the way…so let’s all lend a little helping hand when we can.  The Truth is it is okay to just be Christian, which means you are a follower of Jesus Christ, and that you have accepted Him as you’re Lord and Savior.  The Truth is that it’s okay to admit it in public.  The Truth is all written down for you.  The Truth shines brightly on your face each morning.  The Truth is something I’m grateful for.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Truth

  1. And the truth will set you free. People who are living by the world’s standards are believing a lie. You simply cannot love with lies. It is beholden on us to offer people hope and great news that the grave has been defeated. Without this news they are lost and astray with their souls in mortal danger. Christian, feel the urgency, sense the danger to those you love and reach out to point them to the safe arms of Jesus before they meet their destruction in the death that must follow from living in their sins

    • Lies become what we believe in ourselves and what we believe in the world, so yes, I do feel the urgency to point out the truth, which is why I continue to do these blogs. And I thank you for checking it out…

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