A Giant Praised God

“This place is only for sinners!”

My pastor just knew it would wind up somewhere on the internet just after he proclaimed it at church this Sunday.  He got quite the laugh, as he normally does, but he knew he not only had our attention, but had the truth, and knew that we knew it.  We…sit down now, are sinners.

Although, believe it or not, it seems over 90% of the world believe they are not sinners.  It’s easy to notice if you’re the one watching the sinner, but easy to miss if you’re the one sinning, even if you know it’s just a tiny one, or one of those ones that really don’t matter anymore, ya know? 

I’m part of the 10% that knows that I’m a sinner.  Yes, I, the wordy-nerdy, message in music Christian, am a sinner.  I’m not a bad one, just you’re average little white lie to get off the phone, or saying I don’t have a spare cigarette when I do, and even sometimes not giving spare change to someone in need.  Of course there are other areas that I could probably use some work on as well, but hey, some things are better left between me and God.  (If only they would invent a better way to workout and be healthier)

But a lot of America, the world, is in denial about themselves and their sins, be they small or big time.  Each sin comes down to a battle within ourselves to maintain our faith, and then a vicious cycle begins…which is to maintain faith within each other.  From there, the real battles begin.  From the political stages, where men and women are selling us something they don’t have the power to give us, to the war grounds, where men and women are dying to give us something they don’t have the power to protect us from.  Even in religious arenas, different “faiths” proclaim that they know the “better” way to Heaven, and tear at our potential for Love and Unity even more.  When at the end of the day, the guy with the more money and the guy with the better story wins, it’s safer that way.

It’s certainly a battleground.  Not unlike that of a football field!  Two teams lined up against each other, perhaps a team built of men who have power behind them, popularity, votes, safety, promises, and a team built of men who possess nothing but faith and service, God on their side because that’s where He put them and through Him they won’t let Him down, Christians who use His word as strength, stamina, and pride.

It’s not that I watch a lot of t.v., but I watch enough to know that I see a lot of Mormon commercials lately, especially considering we have a Mormon candidate running for president.  I say that to say I’m cautious of false prophets.  I didn’t see any last night, that I can recall anyway, during the game.  But then again, I didn’t see any straight-up Christian commercials either…actually, I never see any of those any time I watch t.v.  Why is that?

But what I did see was some really cool touchdowns by the underdogs.  And one of those underdogs, one of those Giants, blew a kiss, looked to the heavens, and glorified God.  That was the best moment of the game!  Other than when my man sat down right over the line for a touchdown…that was pretty sweet!  And the Giants won the game!

So, trying not to sound too much like Forrest Gump, life is like a game of football.  You run around trying to avoid things coming at you, trying to play out your strategy, getting sacked and bumped back and losing control along the way.  But you keep playing, going back and forth, taking what life throws at you, taking the hits, getting those touchdowns when you can, and moving along to the next play.  As long as you play a hard an honest game, God won’t flag you.  Just read the beatitudes in Matthew again and you’ll be just fine!

I missed Hank’s version yesterday so I had to get it on here, just for this post.

~Jesus, I pray to you today to give us the strength and stamina to keep playing after each sack, to guide us through your field and your strategies for us, putting us to use in the best way for your service.  Lord, I glorify you in all that you do for me and my family, in all the blessings we receive, and ask that you continue to look favorably on us.  Please help this post find it’s way to those who most need it and please help those who most need it.  In your precious and holy name, I pray.  Amen~

What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel….

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

It’s difficult, in today’s world to find something to be proud of, in ourselves, in our families, in our communities, in our government, in our world.  There are so many things, as each day begins, that make the possibility of achieving pride subject to change.

We may start off our day thinking that everything is going to go just right and at the end of the day we will be filled with pride that we’ve put in our best efforts and have remained successful at whatever our endeavor is.  But things may happen that chip away at that potential for pride…

We let our frustration from the morning, such as traffic or being late, follow us around and show up through our attitude with others.  We take criticism for something that we may be responsible for as a personal attack on our character or judgment rather than an opportunity to grow and learn.  We make snap judgments and knee-jerk reactions that hurt people and, often times these days, get people killed. We lie and steal as if not a single parent has taught us right from wrong then look around and wonder where all these kids parents are.  We watch the news to find that another parent has killed their child, and if they haven’t killed them, the child has disappeared and the parent doesn’t know why because the parent wasn’t there, and if the parent isn’t there, then it’s a famous or well-trusted idol who’s sexually abusing them.  We see the tally of how many lives have been lost in this war oversees, and wonder why a war is still going on, then get even more frustrated at the government who just can’t seem to get their shit together…on anything!  And on top of that…the weather and all the natural disasters lately are very strange and, well, scary.  All these things makes it hard to have just an honest days pride.

But….if you wake up each day and just live your day as the best Christian possible…then you can take pride in that.  If you remember your beatitudes, then you shouldn’t have to worry about your judgments and actions, and you’ll know to be compassionate, sympathetic, and to pray for every thing and one else going on that is evil in the world.  Wake up, take in a big, deep Christian breath, start your day, and be at peace!  It could be a good recipe for life!

**I didn’t make that video, it was a lucky find on YouTube.  Lucky because I agree with almost everything in it, except the idea of the evolution.  My mom said I was a hairy baby but I really struggle to believe that at one time we were apes.  Why?  God said so!**

~Dear Lord, thank you so very much for all of your blessings this week, and for continuing to watch over our health.  Please bless each day ahead with peace and happiness, and with each person who needs your help, Lord, please bless them with the opportunity to be open to hear you, Lord…that they may find their way to your word and the peace that you offer.  Please help us to love more, laugh more, and grow more and we continue on our journey to you and your Heaven, Lord.  For all that you do for me, my family, and for my brothers and sisters, I thank you and praise you.  In your most Holy name I pray.  Amen~